"Off Beaten Tracks" - CD Album
  • "Off Beaten Tracks" - CD Album
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Off Beaten Tracks was officially released at the launch party on 3rd March 2012.

"Recorded in the middle of 2011's whirlwind world tour, “Off Beaten Tracks” is a unique record; Both a travelogue of musical snapshots from the road - compositions dedicated to Spanish bus rides or The Vancouver Island coastline, for example - and a collection of highlights from the set that had people dancing the night away at festivals from The Bay of Biscay to edge of The North Pacific."

"An emotionally charged masterpiece."  ★★★★ Songlines
"A defining release. Music for open ears and open minds." Nominated for critics' poll album of the year. fRoots
"Big-hearted music. Breathtaking stuff."  ★★★★★ R2

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