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For booking and agency info, please call Dan:  +44 7783 650360 dan[at] or paloma[at]

French/European agent: Gérard Viel, +33 6 82 15 49 02 gvmusicdelamer[at], 

For press and publicity enquiries please call Tom: +44 7732 507408 tom[at]

Tech: Please note, we have updated tech specs as of 2019 - download a PDF of our tech spec here

Hi res images, video and other press assets are available from a Google Drive folder here.

Branding: Urban Folk Quartet love being called UFQ by their friends and get a kick out of being set in classic sans serif typefaces. 

League Gothic is a free-to-use, condensed font revived from a legendary 1903 typeface and has been the UFQ/Urban Folk Quartet logo font since 2010.
Josefin Sans is an incredibly versatile and free-to-use modern alternative to 1927's ubiquitous Futura, which we've used for the menu of this site.


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