Covid-19 Statement, 16/03/2020

Dear friends of UFQ,

It seems like a good moment to update you on our plans re the current coronavirus situation…

In general we are planning to postpone gigs and inevitably some will be cancelled all together. 

After much discussion we have taken this decision because we think it’s the most responsible thing to do at this point, and because some members of the band really need to be able to see “vulnerable” family members. To continue gigging as a band right now might help the spread of the virus and could make things really difficult for us and our families at home. Also, we would really not want to play a part in any of our lovely audience members getting ill.

We make absolutely no comment on anybody else’s decision to continue with events, these are unprecedented times where we all just have to make what we think are the best decisions at the time. Not working does of course have a huge impact on us financially and we are still trying to plan out how we are going to deal with this, we may have to pick a band member and auction them off so watch this space!

We will keep you all updated here and on our website and through our email list as a final decision is made about each upcoming gig. We are also planning for some extra special online content just to cheer people along a bit so stay tuned.

We send you all love and support from UFQ HQ and hope to see you soon - but not too soon!

Paloma, Joe, Tom and Dan x

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